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Read everything about 3D printing and the latest
Dutch 3D printer: the 3D Builder.

The latest dutch
3D printer

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The 3D Builder 3D printer is the latest 3D Printer designed & built in The Netherlands.
The Builder 3D printer’s Specifications:

  • Fully assembled upon delivery
  • Simpel to use
  • High end 3D-models
  • Solid steel encasing
  • Opensource software
  • High performance

3D Printer support by 3Dprinter4U

builder 3D printer front

Before shipping every printer has been tested extensively. After unpacking the 3D printer a last testprint should still be attached to the printer’s bed.
This way we are able to reassure ourselves and our customers that only good functioning 3D Builders are being shipped. The 3D Builder sells with CE-Mark approval and fitted with an EAN-Code. For questions please turn to the Faq or contact us

3D printer: How does it work?

Looking to find out what software to use, how the FDM print process works? Or what a 3D printer enables you to do? Check the info on how does a 3D printer work?

Some examples of what a 3D printer can print:

3D printen: motorblok
3D printen: hand
3D printen: schaakstuk
3D printen: vliegtuig


Our product will be shipped using UPS Packaged in double or triple cardboard boxes. Delivery within most of Europe is done within 1-5 days.