Big Builder

The Big Builder’s printvolume is 31 liter ( 8,1 Gallons) which can be used to print gigantic objects.

The Big Builder comes fitted with Builders unique Dual-Feed extruding system, information display and SD-card reader.

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Builder Dual-Feed
The Builder “Dual-Feed” is fitted with two extruders and uses only one nozzle to extrude.

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Builder Mono Original
A simple but effective machine. Often described as the “workhorse”within the 3D Printer market.

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3D Printing explained

3D Printer

Info on 3D printing and products by Dutch manufactorer:  Builder 3D Printers.

Builder 3D printer

Unique Dual-Feed system

3D builder DualFeed

Builder 3D Printers developed a unique extruder-setup. We named it The “Dual-Feed”configuration. With the unique Dual-Feed system users are able to print objects in two colors / or using two materials through one nozzle.

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Color Mixing

color mixing

With the unique Dual-Feed system you are able to mix two colors of PLA with each other. The mixing of the two PLA colors will create a nice color overflow and a third color due to mixing.

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Builder 3D Printers support

3D  Builder support
Get all your 3D questions answered! On this page users will also be able to find our FAQ, Manuals or forms to contact us.

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3Dprinter4U is part of Code-p West B.V.
 Smelterij 4, 2211 SH Noordwijkerhout
Tel: 0252 – 34 61 62
Fax: 0252 – 34 67 27
IBAN NL94 INGB0680822704

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3D print examples

Browse STL- files, Gcode’’s and see pictures of some of the items that we have printed to provide demonstrations or showcase capacities of the Builder 3D Printer products.

vaas color mix 1
Print Roos color mix

Ensure top quality 3D prints with our filament. Choose from a large assortiment to create the best 3D prints.

How does a 3D printer work?

3d printen

How does a 3D Printer work?
What can I do with a 3D Printer?
What materials can I print?

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3D news & events

3D events

Februari 2014: Launche of the Big Builder

This February Builder 3D Printer has launched the Big Builder. The Big Builder is the big brother of the smaller Builder. The Big Builder comes with the unique Dual-Feed system and offers a maximum print hight of 665 mm.

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